Thrive in Safe Communities

Support thriving and safe communities, youth and senior programs, and adequate public safety and emergency response funding.

Thriving and safe communities were my top priorities as mayor and council member. I will continue to prioritize this goal as a County Supervisor.

We must provide education and workforce training opportunities to afford our residents and future generations a fair opportunity at a middle-class quality of life. We must provide adequate and competent health and human services, support housing and food security efforts, affordable activities for youth and seniors (for all generations!), and adequate public safety and emergency response funding.

While on the city council, I was a proponent of public safety, keeping our communities safe and supporting trust-building programs through direct outreach. I will continue to work with our Yolo County Sheriff’s Department, local public safety departments, and other stakeholders (rural and urban) to ensure Yolo County is fully equipped to respond to emergencies in times of disaster while concurrently helping uplift our community through continued trust-building outreach efforts.

I will seek funding opportunities at the state and federal levels to equip our county with the tools needed to accomplish these goals.

Sustainable Environment

Ensure a sustainable environment by reducing emissions and promoting the county’s goal of achieving a carbon-negative footprint by 2030.

Our environment determines how we live and affects every sector of our lives. Climate change has heavily impacted crop production and our livestock in Yolo County in the last several years. I will support opportunities to aid farmers in combating drought challenges through agricultural research and technology investments.

I will explore modes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support locally grown products to reduce food miles and support local growers and farmworkers. We must work with our local school and city partners to incentivize reducing vehicle miles traveled and participate in the cycle of buying local foods and products for children’s school lunches.

Water Conservation

Protect and conserve our vital water resources and prepare for the future.

Water conservation is important for our households and our farmers. As a robust agricultural region, we heavily depend on water. Furthermore, with our growing population, we must take measures to conserve and store water to support the needs of existing and future generations.

As a former Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency and Water Resources Association member, I understand the need to invest time in collaborations that move our county forward in the practical preservation and storage of water. I will seek opportunities to equip our county and farmers with adequate water reserves using cost-saving measures – 65 percent of Yolo Subbasin’s water supply is underground. I will work on effectively streamlining the expenditure of the $7.9 million awarded to Yolo County for our water resilience plan.

Affordable Housing

Advocate for affordable housing and sound solutions to homelessness by pursuing permanent housing and support services.

Yolo County struggles with high-priced and limited housing stock options, leaving working-class families in a bind. Growing up in affordable housing, I became familiar with the struggles of housing affordability.

While on the city council, I supported affordable housing developments and developments for families of all sizes. I will continue to support infill housing that respects our urban limit lines and avoids sprawl.

Our state has a goal of providing mental health and housing services for homeless people with severe mental illness. We need to follow suit and take care of our unhoused men and women, seniors, veterans, and everyone in between, with dignity and respect. I will support intentional outreach methods to reach vulnerable communities.

Flourishing Agriculture

Protect our flourishing agriculture by mitigating climate change impacts and continue to invest in ag research and technology.

Our bountiful agriculture is a unique characteristic of Yolo County. It has provided us and all of California with essential food and nutrition. I will advocate for farmers and include them in policy conversations affecting their day-to-day operations.

Creating opportunities in business is essential for beginning farmers and ranchers – I will work for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring additional resources to Yolo County to support them.

I will prioritize and advocate for our prime agricultural lands, protect Yolo County from sprawl, support mitigation policies, and support the Williamson Act Program.

Fiscal Responsibility and Government Transparency

Promote sound and balanced financial investments throughout Yolo County.

Together as a community and with the help of the American Recovery Act, we made it through tough times. Our community rose to the occasion and cared for our neighbors, students, veterans, seniors, and those facing financial strain. But we must be resilient as we face our state’s budget shortfall.

This starts with our governing boards making sensible spending decisions and avoiding unnecessary expenses. I will support a balanced budget and additional measures that ensure accountability to our community so that our county residents do not bear the costs of fiscal mismanagement. Our rural communities and taxpayers depend on our ability to provide timely and accurate services.

I will always have an open-door policy and be accountable to the People.

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